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Photographic Illustation

What even is Photographic Illustration?

I'm very glad that you asked! Photographic illustration is an art form that incorporates both Photography and Illustration. Characters in my books are drawn, painted and cut out by hand before being placed in studio or in-situe scenes, surrounded by teeny tiny furniture and objects to create a miniature world. Then it's lights, camera, action!

And Why Sushi???

Why not. 

About the Author

Bláithín Breathnach

Illustrator, designer, author... all of the above!

Hi! I'm Bláithín, lovely to meet you!

I'm the one who makes all the things you see above, and the one who spends her time carrying paper dolls and felt sushi around in her pockets to snap promo shots at every opportunity!

I;m currently studying French, Spanish and Italian, because besides doing art of all kinds, some of my other favourite things to do include traveling and talking :)

"Bláithín's style of illustration is stunning...Bláithín has an exceptional attention to detail and has built an intricate and an extremely attractive world for her readers as well as her characters....I can't wait to see what this remarkable artist and rising star creates next!"

Ciara, Picture Book Snob